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Virtual Reality (VR) in recruiting

Virtual Reality (VR) in recruiting represents an innovative approach where companies use immersive technology to enhance the recruitment process. VR offers a unique way to engage candidates, providing them with a realistic and interactive experience of the work environment and culture. Here’s how VR is being utilized in recruitment:

Applications of VR in Recruiting

  1. Virtual Office Tours:

  • Candidates can take a virtual tour of the office, getting a feel for the workspace and environment without physically being there.

  • Particularly useful for remote candidates or when recruiting for offices in different locations.

  1. Realistic Job Previews:

  • Simulating real job scenarios or tasks, allowing candidates to experience a day in the life of a role they’re applying for.

  • Helps in assessing a candidate's fit and giving them a taste of what the job entails.

  1. Immersive Employer Branding:

  • Showcasing company culture, values, and employee experiences in an engaging, immersive format.

  • Enhances employer branding by leveraging the latest technology.

  1. Virtual Reality Assessments:

  • Conducting skill assessments or challenges in a VR setting to evaluate candidates in a more interactive and engaging way than traditional tests.

  1. Virtual Career Fairs:

  • Hosting or participating in virtual career fairs with VR booths, allowing candidates to interact with recruiters and learn about the company in an immersive environment.


  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: Provides candidates with a unique and memorable experience, setting the company apart from competitors.

  • Better Engagement: Engages candidates more effectively than traditional methods, leading to a stronger interest in the company.

  • Innovative Assessment: Allows for more creative and practical assessment of candidates’ skills and abilities.


  • Used VR to provide candidates with a virtual tour of their office, giving them a sense of the company’s work environment.

  • Deutsche Bahn: Implemented VR to give candidates a glimpse into what working in various roles would feel like, thereby enhancing their understanding of different career paths.

Fun Facts

  • Global Reach: VR enables companies to reach and engage with candidates globally without the constraints of geography.

  • Growing Popularity: As VR technology becomes more accessible, its use in recruitment is expected to grow, offering innovative ways to attract tech-savvy talent.

  • Environmental Impact: VR interviews and tours can reduce the carbon footprint associated with travel for in-person interviews or office visits.

Incorporating VR into recruiting can significantly elevate the candidate experience, making the recruitment process more engaging and informative. It's a forward-thinking strategy that aligns with the growing trend of digital transformation in HR.

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