Tips to hire a technical recruiter

I am a technical recruiter for 15 years, and it's a though task to choose someone who is able drive the acquisition of such difficult talents to find : tech people

Like every science, recruiting is way more diversificated now, with fast pace of technical innovation, than it was twenty years ago.

From general or universal recruiters you found in the 90's, you see now a high specification of the Art.

However, no doubt there were people who could have been prominent in almost any field they chose, but they had to choose. It takes too long to catch up in any one area to become very prominent in multiple diverse things.

I belong to a specie, generally "geek born" people, who choose (or have been chosen but it's an other story) to help corporations to find tech people and later, understand them.

Best of all, understand what they are talking about.

Years after years, you see the population of tech recruiter decreasing because, aye ! it's hard to be universally technophile anymore. Yes, you understand it well, now, you have sub species of tech recruiters...

But, what is exactly "recruitment" ?

  1. Identifying the hiring needs (&writing a precise job description)

  2. Sourcing (talent search, screening)

  3. Shortlisting (those you kept after the longlisting)

  4. Interviewing

  5. Evaluating and negociating