How To Hire a Developer

For years people have been talking and writing about one of the most difficult challenges for companies: hiring a developer. Companies are facing a radical digital transformation and are urging on tech skills like it was the case during the gold rush. 

Why is it so difficult? 

Being a developer in 2020 means being assaulted by hundreds of emails each month, from people they didn’t know existed. To be clear: these are not nice, interesting emails. It’s mass mails full of GIFs and old-fashioned nerd vocabulary with automatic followup mails if the dev did not answer fast enough.

As a result, developers hate recruiters and their industry. 

As their problem solving nature is strong, they know how to be left in peace. As a matter of fact, developers are using trash/secondary/third/etc. email addresses or fake email generators when subscribing anywhere on the net. They know the game and thus minimise the chance that your promotional email for the “amazing JavaScript opportunity” will ever be read by a dev in the next decade.

Social networks do not really solve this problem. Linkedin’s Inmails have a response rate of 7% when sent to developers. Facebook is too intrusive to be efficient (need to valide a message if not a friend) and Twitter could virtually get you killed by a swarm of developers when spamming them with Direct Messages.