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Career webinars and virtual events

Career webinars and virtual events have become increasingly important in talent acquisition and employer branding strategies. These platforms offer a dynamic way to engage with potential candidates, share knowledge, and showcase the company culture and opportunities. Here's a closer look at how they work:

Hosting Career Webinars

  1. Industry Trends and Insights: Webinars can be used to discuss the latest trends in the industry, which attracts professionals interested in staying updated and can position the company as a thought leader.

  2. Career Advice: Offering webinars on career development, resume building, interview tips, and other career advice can attract a wide audience and build goodwill.

  3. Showcasing Company Experts: Featuring company leaders or experts as speakers can enhance the company's reputation and attract potential candidates interested in working with thought leaders.

  4. Interactive Sessions: Including Q&A segments where attendees can ask questions and interact with presenters, making the experience more engaging.

Virtual Q&A Sessions

  1. Insights into Different Roles: Sessions with HR or department heads where they discuss various roles within the company, career paths, and growth opportunities.

  2. Employee Experiences: Including current employees who can share their personal career journeys and experiences working at the company.

  3. Company Culture and Values: A platform to discuss the company’s culture, values, and what makes it a unique place to work.

Best Practices for Hosting Virtual Events

  • Promotion: Effectively promoting the event on social media, the company website, and through email marketing to ensure a good turnout.

  • Accessibility: Making sure the platform used for the webinar is user-friendly and accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Follow-Up: Sending follow-up emails with additional resources, recordings of the session, and contact information for further queries.


  • Google: Hosts 'Talks at Google' where they invite guest speakers, offering insights into various topics and showcasing the intellectual culture of the company.

  • Microsoft: Conducts virtual events focusing on technology trends, innovation, and career opportunities within the company.

  • Salesforce: Regularly hosts webinars and virtual events focusing on career development and insights into working at Salesforce.

Fun Facts

  • Rising Popularity: With the advent of remote work, there’s been a significant increase in virtual events and webinars, with many companies shifting their in-person events to online formats.

  • Global Reach: Virtual events have the advantage of attracting a global audience, removing geographical barriers to participation.

  • Engagement Metrics: According to a survey, webinars retain 40% of viewers' attention and are among the top five most effective content marketing strategies.

Career webinars and virtual events not only serve as a tool for recruitment but also enhance the company's image as an industry leader and an employer of choice. They provide a platform for meaningful engagement with potential candidates and offer valuable insights into the company and its opportunities.

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