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Who we are

Grégory Herbé, started tech hiring in 2004.

Daring entrepreneur, fervent ice hockey enthusiast, and trailblazer in the realm of technical recruitment, Grégory has masterfully fused his array of talents to found A Player.

While specialized in sourcing technical talents, doesn't confine itself to its foundational expertise. It also ventures into guiding athletes during their career transitions, epitomizing the adaptability and unwavering dedication of its visionary founder.

Fluent in French (mother tongue), English, and  comprehensive in German, I'm a father of 3 amazing children and a dedicated father. 

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Ermanno Di Miceli, joined A Player in 2020

He is an accomplished podcaster and tech recruiter with a former background in banking in Luxembourg. 

He juggles his passion for triathlon with his profession. Having run across France for the ️#DefiAgrippa initiative supporting charities, he takes pride in his multi-faceted journey. Fluent in French (mother tongue), English, and Italian (father's tongue), he is a father of 4 children and is always eager to meet remarkable individuals. Discover his interviews here and the book he co-authored here.

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