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Executive Search

"Executive search, in today's digital age, is a harmonious blend of traditional human expertise and innovative technology. It's not merely about filling vacancies, but rather about understanding strategic needs, envisioning the organization's future, and identifying transformative leadership. Traditional candidate profiles are supplemented by AI and big data, while creativity thrives in recognizing transferable skills and potential. The human element remains crucial, making empathy, active listening, and relationship-building indispensable. Executive search professionals are thus leaders themselves, facilitating change, fostering diversity, and advocating for ethical practices. As a dynamic and creative field, executive search is pivotal in shaping the future of organizations."

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Based in Luxembourg, Grégory Herbé is a seasoned recruitment professional who brings his entrepreneurial and management expertise to the forefront in leading the technology and executive search practice at A-player. 


With a proven track record in international and multicultural environments, Grégory is adept at assisting clients across various industries to navigate their leadership challenges and successfully accomplish their business goals.


Grégory's career has been defined by his passion for people and client relationships. As the owner of A-player, he feels privileged to contribute to the growth and success of both individuals and businesses. He has a significant experience recruiting for startups, scale-ups, and software companies, and his unique approach to recruitment is informed by an operational background that spans CEO, finance, sales roles, and beyond.

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